Dr Rich was so entertaining and engaging. Wonderful strategies for engagement – look forward to using these with my students. Music was fabulous!

Highly engaging and fun with countless useful strategies and ideas to adapt, adjust and apply? Thank you! Amazing! Awesome! Invigorating!

Excellent and dynamic presentation. Thank you so much Rich for a wonderful day with so much important information. I will definitely use these strategies.
Fantastic! Brilliant presentation and I would highly recommend it.

Very knowledgeable. I find the best way to learn is by doing and that’s what happened! Good to see it happening in practice 😊 I was very ENGAGED the whole day!

Super engaging! The strategies presented will be useful when applied and adapted to my music classroom.

Fantastic presentation. Super engaged! Reaffirming by ideas about drama in the classroom. Great ideas I can take back to school.

Love the ways Rich delivered this course. It’s eye opening. I’ve learnt so much teaching tricks in such a short time. I’ll definitely apply then when I return to school.

Great ideas and presentation style. You really do have a passion for teaching!

Very entertaining. Suzanne, keep promoting such worthwhile courses.

Excellent and relevant. Strong applicable take aways. Thank you.

One, if not the most engaging presenter. Really enjoyable and informative as well as practical. Thank you! A wonderful, very informative and engaging day!

What an uplifting session – learnt so much and will be using on Monday!

Fantastic seminar! Loved the content and the energy it was delivered with. Will definitely be using many of these strategies in my classroom.

Well presented and inspiring. True to term ‘dynamic’

Infectious! Surprisingly relevant.

You rock! Thank you for recognising that students learn better by being actively involved and spreading the message. Keep it up!

Thank you for teaching through showing us the value of a dynamic classroom! Thought of my little people’s smiles all the way through!

WOW!! Thank you! So dynamic and fun-filled😊 A PD FULL of tools to use and relevant ideas is refreshing.

Rich was amazing! So much knowledge and energy. Full of good ides and so engaging too!

Engaging, informative, fun … So much knowledge and presented in a way that is easily transferrable to the classroom.

Great presentation. Has given me so much to think about ever after 45 years in the classroom. So much to try out.



What a refreshing session for teachers! Ian was totally practical in all suggestions, and the day although packed full of great information ended all too quickly. A MUST for ALL teachers!

Ian Lillico's presentation to our teaching staff on Boys' Education was nothing short of excellent. Ian succinctly defined the needs of boys today in our education system, and, more importantly, energetically challenged us to critique our current practices.

What an enlightening workshop! Ian Lillico demonstrated how a whole school approach to educating boys is not only desirable, but very possible. Ian was believable because he spoke from experience, and from the heart. While passionate about the need to improve the learning for boys within our schools, Ian also clearly indicated that girls would also benefit by many of the recommendations and strategies he outlined.

Great presenter, excellent knowledge, well-paced and engaging

Extremely engaging and enjoyable seminar.

Ian is outstanding! Thank you for such an engaging and informative seminar. I found it so helpful for my teaching practice and professional learning.

Fantastic – great speaker, so knowledgeable, great information, spoke so well, entertaining. I go so much out of this seminar professionally and personally.

Fantastic knowledge base – was so informative and answered all questions with a wealth of knowledge. Sense of humour was great with such a serious topic.

Excellent presentation filled with lots of factual, scientific and practical knowledge and strategies. Very engaging and inspiring. Definitely want another workshop so that more teachers from my school can attend.

Excellent. Best PD course I've ever attended! The presentation was immensely insightful and helpful. Dr Lillico was very engaging and knowledgeable.

I'm in awe of your depth of knowledge in all the areas covered in the seminar. Thank you for your enlightening lecture.

Thank you for an amazing presentation today. I felt inspired and motivated to go and implement strategies for my students.


Awesome! Inspiring! Caring! Thoughtful! Dynamic! Interested in my needs! Modelled the approach in her own presentation! Responsive to our needs! YAY!

Wow! Now when I read your books I have a voice for the words and a visual to help me connect even more to the content. Thank you for raising the fundamental elements of the inquiry process in my consciousness and helping me on my journey as an inquiry based and inquiring teacher.

Very engaging and stimulating. Ready to take on this exciting challenge!

Thank you for your varied and energetic presentation. I liked the fact that the visual aids were great and we saw samples of other schools.

Fantastic, informative, fun, stimulating, enriching and so helpful!

An excellent, fun and engaging two day course with colleagues. I feel more confident in my approach to IBL.

An excellent balance of activities. Really modelled inquiry approach. Great handout. Visual aids very useful. Very practical, will be able to apply in classroom.

Awesome 2 days – thank you for your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm. I feel a lot of 'grey' areas surrounding inquiry have been addressed.

Kath was a wealth of knowledge. She delivered her information to us in an amazing way to help us understand inquiry learning. A fantastic presenter.

Wonderful presentation – very insightful! Thank you!

Thank you so much Kath for a thought provoking stimulating seminar. I loved your presentation style ... I was engaged at all times and I'm now excited about taking some of these ideas back to school.

Very inspiring for me as a new teacher finding my way. Thank you for your insight into inquiry learning. I'm excited about trying to create an inquiry learning environment in my classroom.

A very valuable learning experience. I am inspired and challenged to transform my pedagogical thinking and practice. My curiosity has been provoked and I'm keen to find out more!

Highly engaging presenter and presentation. As a keen advocate of inquiry-based approaches in the classroom I am looking forward to putting the practical strategies into practice! Thank you.

Fabulous Kath ... totally met my expectations. Would've liked to have another day!!! Sharing the passion!!

An excellent conference! I will go home feeling much more confident in being an 'inquiry teacher'.

A fantastically informative and engaging workshop. It was exactly what I was looking for!

A great course – I had many light bulb moments where I connected back to how this could happen in my classroom.

Thank you Kath for filling up some of the gaps for me. You are always so inspiring and knowledgeable. I'm starting to feel it in my belly!

Thanks Kath, your presentation style, humour and great snippets of sarcasm are appreciated. It's nice to listen to a presenter who is still really in touch with what is happening at the coal face.

Amazing! Energetic and 'real' – down to earth. Kath is an inspiration. Thank you!

Fantastic! Kath was really enthusiastic and excited to share her knowledge. I loved that she altered day 2 to accommodate our needs/interests.

Thank you, this has cleared heaps of stuff in my mind. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you are a great presenter.

Great presentation ... I love your enthusiasm and passion and hope to become a more 'inquiry based' teacher.

Warm, approachable and inspirational!

I thank God for your brain!

Wow! What a fabulously engaging 2 days of professional learning! The time flew because we were active, engaged learners. Thank you for so many practical ideas that we can begin implementing tomorrow.

Incredible! Very inspiring workshop with fantastic and practical ideas.

The best PD ever! Practical, engaging and worthwhile. I'm excited to get back into the classroom and give it all a go!

This seminar was the best I have been too. I feel inspired and excited about teaching again!

Lots of fantastic energy, thought-provoking ideas, examples, questions, "brain-hurting' moments and laughs!

What an amazing, inspiring presenter. So much knowledge!

Awesome! Amazing! Fabulous! Refreshing!! Relevant!! I learnt so much information that I can't wait to share with my fellow colleagues and start to implement in the classroom.

FANTASTIC, Kath was challenging, motivating and passionate – great skills.

Kath, your energy, positivity and passion are always inspiring!


Deb has been a leading educator for 37 years and has presented professional development programs for State, Catholic and Independent schools. She has worked in the United States and has co-authored a number of books on literacy education. In 2011 Deb was the recipient of the ACEL Hedley Beare Educator of the Year Award and received a Fellowship in Leadership from ACEL in 2014. Deb has been both a Primary Principal and Principal of a Balinese Community School. She has recently retired from Ivanhoe Grammar School as Head of Plenty Campus (Prep to Year 12) and Deputy Principal of Ivanhoe Grammar School (2004-2016). Deb has an expertise and passion for literacy and her workshops are based on her own classroom practice from ELC to Year 9.

Insightful and practical seminar. Gave a variety of useful ideas and activities that can be used in all writing sessions. Very informative, easily can be brought into the classroom. Deb is a fantastic presenter.

Fantastic – has made me challenge my current teaching practices and inspired me to make changed.

Absolutely brilliant. Practical and very helpful. Lots of information that's relevant. Deb is such a wonderful presenter. Thank you for such a worthwhile day.

Amazing! Deb has so much experience to share. It was a privilege to be here.

Very inspiring and practical. Deb is a great presenter, very engaging and thoroughly entertaining.

This was a wonderfully inspiring course. There are lots of workable ideas I am taking away and keen to implement immediately!

So real and full of sensible, realistic, experiential ideas to use in the classroom. Easy to hear and understand. Passionate and inspiring, thanks!

This has been the BEST seminar I have ever attended. Deb was knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. She was able to inspire me to try Writers Workshop.

Please can I work at your school?!? I loved your enthusiasm, honesty, passion. Beautifully explained – reaffirmed my own ideas. Agreed with your ideas of where the focus should be. Thank you for an inspiring, entertaining, 'food-for-thought' day. Hope to see you again.

Clear and engaging. Loved the 'real' examples, student work samples and it was great that Deb really went through each process in depth.

Deb was amazing! She was very engaging, motivating and inspiring. Lots of useful ideas I'm excited to try in my classroom. Deb was very down to earth and realistic. One of the best Development days I've been to!

An inspiring presentation by a very passionate educator. Very informative – a great 'down to earth' and entertaining presentation.

Very engaging and entertaining presentation. Can't wait to go back to school and try your brilliant ideas. Can't wait for the next course you organise Suzanne. Perfect!

Terrific presentation! I am looking forward to integrating this way of teaching writing into my daily routine.

Wow! What an 'aaahh' moment for me as a teacher!

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Outstanding. Practical, logical, fun. Very worthwhile

Fabulous!! I have laughed, learnt and been motivated. Looking forward to putting this into practice.


Thank you so much for such an inspiring and highly useful workshop. You have given me strategies to manage behaviour in a much more confident and effective manner.

Fantastic presentation. I have already thought of ways to improve my behaviour management strategies! I learnt so much. Also very entertaining!

Everything I needed to learn at university was taught to me today! I will be back, I'm hooked! Thank you, Bill.

Thanks for the extremely useful PL. I will be taking away substantial knowledge and tools to help be become a 'good teacher'.

Loved it! Especially valuable as this is my first year teaching. Having behaviour management made explicit re-enforces the good things I have in place and lots of great ideas/tips to add to my developing repertoire.

Excellent presentation – thank you for all the tips and advice! It has been a great opportunity to gather a bank of strategies to use within the classroom environment.

Highly engaging presentation. Bill made complex issues clear and simple. Visual and entertaining, I would recommend this seminar to any teacher, beginning or not!

Thank you. This was a very informative and helpful seminar. Bill was also very funny! I will be implementing changes in my lessons as soon as I get back. I highly recommend this seminar!

Amazing, wise, insightful!

This was fantastic! I have learnt so much and plan to put it into action tomorrow. Thank you!

Thank you Bill! You have shared practical, proven strategies. You are also extremely approachable and want to help us as much as you can – I truly appreciate you!

Inspirational. I learnt heaps and can't wait to trial what I have learnt in the classroom.

Excellent! Related directly to my classes and gave me great strategies and support resources.

This was the best PL I have ever been to. Bill's examples were so relevant and he provided fantastic strategies on how to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom.

Absolutely fantastic and relevant information. Thank you for an engaging and very worthwhile day!

Thank you! An entertaining yet inspirational seminar. Humorous but realistic. I can't wait to change the way I do some things.

Comments to The Dynamic Learning Group ...

Dynamic Learning days are always the best!

Great food! I LOVE Dynamic Learning Group!

Excellent location, presentation and organisation. Thanks so much!!

Do you have any suggestions on how we might improve our seminars? ... Perfect!

Thank you for organising speakers of such high quality, leaders in their field, engaging, professional and with experience in the classroom, not just academic.

I will highly recommend your seminars to other teaching professionals.

Everything was great – nothing to complain about or improve.

I always look forward to these PD's!

This seminar was all I had hoped for. It came highly recommended and did not let me down. Great venue too!

Awesome information/organisation and venue

You have a great range of topics/presenters. This is my first seminar with Dynamic Learning and I will definitely be back.

Everything was great!

Very high quality all round.

This seminar was fantastic!! Catering was great!!

Lovely venue, great lunch! Well organised.

Just a brilliant day from registration process, session content and presenter and venue! Just keep doing what you are doing – wonderful friendly and professional!

Really well organised seminar – very helpful.

Prompt reply with enrolment to the course. Details/program/travel well communicated.

I find your seminars are very practical.

Great food and very pleasant venue. Looking forward to the Inquiry Learning seminar in 2 weeks!!

I would definitely come and see more with your company.

All the best with your new business Suzanne. Well done on the cost.

So nice to be treated well ... fantastic!

Fantastic, friendly, well organised.

Excellent venue/staff – best I've ever seen/best place! Thank you

An extremely enjoyable day! Please offer more of the same!

Catering was phenomenal!

Thank you for a relaxing and worthwhile day!

Thank you for catering for my dietary requirements – it is very much appreciated. Great seminar all round.

Lovely to see you back Suzanne!

Great inservice, well organised, lovely venue, felt very well looked after.

The venue and catering added to the day. Makes one feel valued as a professional. Keep doing what you are doing Suzanne.

You're doing a fabulous job!

I love these seminars! Would love to come to more of them!

The venue is excellent – lovely surroundings, room was adequate for the size of the group, food was enjoyable. Thank you for making it a comfortable day. Keep on offering these opportunities (keep the costs at this level as schools can afford to send groups if costs remain low).

All was excellent! Lunch was fantastic. Very easy enrolment and registration process and very well organised.

Thank you it was a very good day, I would recommend the venue, organisation and particularly Loretta to my friends.

You have done a wonderful job Suzanne – well done.

Fantastic, very worthwhile day.

Thankyou – a lovely venue with great hospitality/parking/facilities. Good luck and well done Suzanne!

Food, service and organisation was all excellent – fantastic service!

Great food! Great venue! It was so nice to sit out in the sun and eat great food instead of in an old hall.

Everything was excellent. Suzanne your hospitality and very pleasant nature was very inviting!! Thank you!

It was the best! Thank you!

Thank you Suzanne for another impeccable Professional Learning experience – you continue to knock other providers for 6 in terms of quality of venue, communication and presenter!