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Dynamic Teaching

Our Online Seminars and Resources have been developed to provide engaging and dynamic professional development that you can view in the comfort of your own learning environment - in your own time and at your own pace!

You will have access to your Online Professional Learning for a subscription period of 5 to 10 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the resource. These resources are pre-recorded so that you can access immediately and revisit as many times as you wish within your subscription period! 

Online Learning for Primary and High School Teachers & Team Leaders

Presented by Dr Rich Allen | Duration 1.5hrs

In these uncertain times, our students and colleagues need extra support.  

To offer that extra support, we need to be more than just ‘nice’ people. Compassion begins with empathy.  And empathy takes work.  It takes focus and control to have a truly empathetic conversation. When we realise people have an issue (big or small), most of us inadvertently miss the opportunity to be truly supportive of their needs.  Our intentions are good, yet sometimes we fail to spot that people are asking for help – and the moment passes.  

In this insightful online seminar, Dr Allen offers a framework and strategies to help you avoid falling into these traps. You will learn how to recognise when you need to have a deeper conversation and understand how to have more emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and helpful interactions with the people you are trying to support.

Combating Teacher Fatigue

Online Learning for Primary and High School Teachers

Presented by Dr Rich Allen | Duration 1 hr

Teaching can sometimes be a tiring profession. Research finds 9 out of 10 teachers report being regularly exhausted at the end of each day. (That’s compared with 7 out of 10 nurses!)

While there’s not much we can do to reduce the physical workload teachers routinely handle, we can make sure that the energy required for learning comes from those with buckets of it to spare: our students! In this supportive online seminar, Dr Rich Allen will model how teachers can employ self-care in the classroom by harnessing student energy to drive understanding and recall. He suggests a classroom has 4 ‘walls’ – and only one of them involves the teacher talking. The other ‘walls’ are what students see and do … and the great, powerful wall of silence. 

Teachers will discover:

  • A menu of student-led micro-activities that build and maintain the ideal learning environment while teachers take a break
  • The power of silence to guide and reinforce understanding
  • How to create fast, effective slides
  • How to give directions that every student will follow - never again hear “What are we supposed to be doing?
  • How to create memory moments to support recall

8 Strategies to Effectively Engage Students

An Online Seminar for Teachers K-12

Presented by Dr Rich Allen | Duration 1 hr

Teachers know the best way to boost educational achievement is to improve the behavioural, emotional and cognitive engagement in our classrooms. We are also well-versed in the theory behind multiple engagement strategies, including: inquiry-based learning, active learning, gamification, cooperative learning and reciprocal teaching. This is the ‘WHAT’ of student engagement.

But what about the ‘HOW’? How should we adapt our teaching style to make these strategies more powerful? How can we influence students to respond positively? How can we minimise wasted time and maximise teaching impact?

In this practical online seminar, Dr Allen explores eight teaching techniques that dramatically improve engagement in the classroom. Each idea can stand alone as a useful tool for teachers to put into practice immediately. In combination, these techniques create a blast of focused, productive energy that propels students quickly and easily towards achieving their learning objectives.

Teachers will discover how to:

  • Make students more receptive to new ideas
  • Engage students using positive mental images
  • Get fast, informative answers to questions
  • Set up productive classroom conversations
  • Use vocal inflexion to signal key information

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